Biocore Diagnostics GmbH 

All products supplied by biocore diagnostics are for in vitro diagnostic or research use only.
The products should only be used by trained laboratory professionals.
Restrictions imposed by local law must be observed by the purchaser.
The products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for the shelf life of the product to meet the specifications set forth in the data sheets. Replacement of the product or refund of the purchase price is the buyer’s exclusive remedy.
All prices are net and subject to change without notice.
No responsibility is assumed for the accuracy of prices unless and until formally quoted by Biocore Diagnostics.
For perishable items shipped with dry ice or cool packs, Biocore Diagnostics will charge an additional handling fee.
Prepayment is required for new customers. Payment terms are 30 days net for repeat customers. biocore diagnostics reserves the right to charge late fees and interest.
Reservation of title. biocore diagnostics retains title to products until payment is received in full.

Obligations of the purchaser

The purchaser is obligated to immediately inform biocore diagnostics in writing of all product incidents and findings that could pose a risk to the user, patient or other person. This applies in particular to product incidents and findings reported to the purchaser by its customers and end users in the form of complaints.

Furthermore, in the event of a product incident or a product recall pursuant to §3 and §5 of the German Medical Devices Safety Plan Regulation, the purchaser is obligated to provide its customers and end users with relevant information from biocore diagnostics in written form and to actively contribute to the clarification of the possible facts.

In addition, the purchaser shall keep appropriate records of all products delivered to ensure that the products can be clearly traced back to the end user.

Mailing Address:

Biocore Diagnostics GmbH
Louisen Str. 137
61348 Bad Homburg

Phone:  +49  6172-171020
Fax:       +49 6172-1710229



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