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Anti-6xHis [N144/14R] PlasmidAlias:Plasmid#177500
Gene length:
Host: mammalian cells
Use(s): Protein expression,Antibody expressionFragment Type: ORF
Fragmented species:
Prokaryotic resistance: Amp
Screening Markers:

. Promoter: CMV
. replicon: pUC
. Copy Number:
. Competent cells: DH5a
. Temperature: 37Degrees
. Back Bones:
. Forward primer:
. Reverse primer:
. Induction method:
. Caution:
1. This product is FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY!
2. The item is lyophilized form, Please take the powder plasmid by centrifugation at 5000rpm/min for 1min. Add 20μl ddH2O in to the tube of plasmid.Take 2ul plasmid into 100 μ L corresponding competent cell, centrifugal then full coating on plate.
3. Shipping temperature is 2-8 degrees centigrade.

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