BactoReal® Kit Bartonella spp.

50 Test/Kit

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BactoReal® Kit Bartonella spp. is a real-time PCR assay for detection of DNA of B. clarridgeiae, B. elizabethae, B. grahamii, B. henselae, B. koehlerae, B. quintana, B. volans and B. washoensis.
Bartonella rochalimae, B. vinsonii and B. bovis are detected with very low sensitivity. Bartonella bacilliformis is not detected.
This test was developed and validated for the ABI PRISM® 7500 (Fast) instrument (Life Technologies),
LightCycler® 480 (Roche), and for Mx3005P® (Agilent) but is also suitable for other real-time PCR instruments.
This test allows the rapid and sensitive detection of DNA of Bartonella from samples purified blood, tissue, joint fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, pericardial effusions, lymph node aspirate and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues (e.g. with the QIAamp DNA Mini Kit).

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