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. Lenti-dCas9-KRAB-blast Informaiton
. Function Mammal Editing plasmids
. Promoter: EF-1 alpha promoter
. Terminator: WPRE
. Plasmid size: 14229bp
. Prokaryotic resistance: N-nucleoplasmin NLS, C-SV40 NLS
. Screening marker: bleomycin Zeo, magnaporin Blast
. Cloned strain: Escherichia coli Stbl3
. Culture conditions: 37℃, aerobic, LB
. Lenti-dCas9-KRAB-blast Description
Lenti-dCas9-KRAB-blast is a lentivirus overexpression plasmid, and the EF-1 alpha promoter drives the expression of the dCas9-KRAB protein fragment. It can be used in the gene editing experiment of mammalian cells. References to essential granules are: Multiplexed Engineering and Analysis of Combinatorial Enhancer Activity in Single Cells.

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